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Support & Maintenance

Unicomm’s involvement in your solution doesn’t end when it’s up and running. We work with you to create a support and maintenance package that is exactly right for your needs.

That can involve any number of elements, from full outsourcing to on-site call outs, 4- or 24-hour call-out cover, defined Service Level Agreements and software updates. If you need partner accreditation or training, we can organise that too.

We tailor each maintenance and support package to the individual solution and your own circumstances. If you want us to, our technical support team will handle any issues you face, especially those involving:

  • Software upgrades
  • Database issues
  • Import and export processes
  • Interfaces and integration with other systems
  • Troubleshooting related network issues

The important thing is that it’s up to you. Talk to us about the level of support you need and we’ll make sure you get it.

If you’d like more information on our Support and Maintenance services or the solutions and services we offer, download our brochure here, telephone us on (020) 7147 7000, or email us at


Our Implementation team takes all the technical and logistical elements of a project and makes it happen. The team works with your Project Manager to create a realistic timetable for completion, collaborating with engineers and partners to source and install all the required infrastructure, hardware and applications.

As it’s ‘at the coalface’, the Implementation team is also in the best position to keep you fully up to date with the progress of your project. The team monitors day-to-day tasks and identifies and resolves any issues that might arise during installation. The aim is to implement your solution as smoothly as possible, and the team has a long track record of delivering projects on time and in budget.

Later, the Implementation team will define and carry out all hardware and software testing, both on premises and in the Cloud, and advise on key ingredients in your bespoke support and maintenance package. The team will also determine any training your business may require.

If you’d like more information on our Implementation services or the solutions and services we offer, download our brochure here, telephone us on (020) 7147 7000, or email us at

Project Management

Our Project Management team takes over when your solution has been agreed and designed. These are the people who put all the pieces of the jigsaw together to make sure you get the solution you need, at the agreed time, and with as little day-to-day disruption as possible.

The Project Manager pins down the skills, resources, hardware and software your solution requires, and makes sure it’s all in the right place at the right time. They identify any barriers early in the process, and ensure the project stays on time and on budget.

They give you a plan to approve and will set benchmarks and key milestones against which to measure our success. They handle all third-party involvement and arrange any testing that needs to be completed before the agreed live date of the project.

In other words, our Project Management team takes away the pain. When you agree a solution with Unicomm, you can sit back, relax, and let us take care of the details.

If you would like more information on our Project Management services or the solutions and services we can offer, then download our brochure here, telephone us on (020) 7147 7000, or email us at
IT project management services from Unicomm

Account Management

We think the better we know your business, the better the solution we’ll provide. So, working with Unicomm means you can expect to hear from our Account Management team regularly.

The team will talk to you about the present and the future. We ask about short-term goals and long-term ambitions, and the strategy you’ll pursue to fulfil them. We take all that – and more – into account when designing an innovative solution. In turn, that solution will precisely meet your requirements today and easily scale to meet them in future.

In short, our account managers continuously focus on our clients’ needs. We ensure that everything is safe and secure for success.

  • Above all, they endeavour to drive results.
  • To do this, they act in an innovative fashion.
  • They also offer technical expertise in their field.
  • Moreover, they always look to collaborate with partners/third parties to present the most beneficial services and solutions.

How Our Account Management Services Work For You

Our Account Management services team consists of technical experts who collaborate with a range of partners and third-party suppliers to create exactly the right solution. Your Account Manager will be a single point of contact at Unicomm through design, implementation, testing and handover. They help create your bespoke support and maintenance package: moreover, they’re available whenever you need them for the life of your contract.

We want to exceed your expectations, which is why your account manager will arrange regular reviews to make sure your solution continues to meet your requirements. If issues arise, they are only ever a call or email away.

If you’d like more information on our Account Management approach or the solutions and services we offer, download our brochure here, telephone us on (020) 7147 7000, or email us at