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Whether you’re running a small operation with basic needs, or a larger enterprise requiring a fully hosted, feature-rich contact solution, Unicomm and Mitel have you covered.

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What is Unified Communications?

The ways in which businesses communicate is changing. From voice to video, chat bots to instant messaging, the number of methods of communication is increasing. And, with the 2025 ISDN Switch Off fast approaching, businesses will need an internet based solution or risk going silent.

Plus, the challenges that 2020 has brought have proven the benefits of a Unified Communications solution. Not only helping businesses stay agile while staff work from home, but simultaneously reducing costs and optimising customer services too.

Mitel is an industry leader in unified communications (UC) solutions, and the first to reach 5 million hosted seats worldwide. Which is exactly why we offer their entire range of telephony solutions, both cloud-based and on-premise, to our customers.

Plus, choosing Unicomm means having clear expectations and timelines every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.

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MiCloud Flex

MiCloud Flex is designed to deliver the best experience, for both your staff and customers and offers the reliability, security and scalability you need to grow. It delivers a complete cloud solution to enable unified, scalable and mobile communications to anyone, anywhere, on any device. It’s everything you need to evolve your communications to, without the high prices and complications of a traditional on-site system.

MiCloud Flex Features

  • Fully Hosted end-to-end solution
  • High 99.999% SLA performance and efficiency for core voice
  • Enhanced mobility for smartphones, softphones and tablets
  • Audio/Video conferencing
  • Advanced team collaboration tools
  • Dual Data Center geo-redundant failover
  • Advanced omnichannel contact centre
  • Instant messaging
  • IM/Voice/Video presence
  • Teleworker support

MiCloud Flex uses the same communication, collaboration and contact centre applications as our on-site platforms. This means users have access to the same features if they’re in the main office, working from a remote location or on the road.

With several service plan options to choose from, you can subscribe to the features that are right for your business. Your business will enjoy a better ROI with the ability to flex up or down depending on your needs. You also get upgrades with full control over upgrade and maintenance windows. Plus, with no on-site equipment, you minimise the need for IT staff, maintenance, space, cooling and associated costs.

MiCloud Flex FAQs

When we speak to our customers about Mitel and MiCloud Flex, certain questions pop up in every conversation. That’s why we’ve created this FAQ; to answer those common questions and alay any fears you may have about making the switch.

Q. If I switch to MiCloud Flex, can I keep my existing phone number?

A. Of course you can! No matter how many lines you currently use, we will make sure each is switched with no downtime.

Not only can we keep your main lines, but we can also ensure other features of your calling solution stay the same too.

  • Extension numbers
  • Hunt groups
  • Auto-attendants

Q. How long will it take to switch over to MiCloud Flex?

A. No time at all. We can make the transition outside of your opening hours to minimise disruption and ensure no calls go unanswered.

Q. How does MiCloud Flex help my team work remotely?

A. It enables your team to work from any location. They’ll be able to answer calls whether they’re at home, in the office or on the go. The user interface is the same on every device too, making it easy for staff to use the app.

Q. How does MiCloud Flex reduce my costs?

A. Not only are lines/trunks and calls cheaper, especially for multi-site businesses, but you won’t have to worry about deskphones anymore. Your team can use their computers, tablets and mobiles for business calls using the same number as before.

Depending on your current system, you may also be able to get rid of expensive on-site equipment like PBXs, which are costly to maintain and upgrade.

Q. Why are Unified Communications platforms, like MiCloud Flex, so important for businesses?

A. Well, we can’t talk for other platforms, but MiCloud Flex improves the way your employees work together. Not only do they allow for business calls to be taken on computers, tablets and personal mobiles, but they include a range of collaboration tools that will help your team be more productive.

Your team know when each other are available preventing missed calls and unnecessary voicemails, but they can use MiCLoud Flex for all their internal and external communications with support for instant messaging, chat bots, email and video conferencing.

What’s more MiCloud Flex improves your resiliency and future-roofs your calling solution. In 2025, the landline network is set to be switched off and all businesses will need to make the change to an internet-based calling solution to stay in touch with customers.

And because your team can answer on any device with an internet connection, even if your office internet access goes down, they can still use their mobiles with no need to divert calls or for employees to use their personal numbers.

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MiVoice Business

MiVoice Business enables your employees to instantly benefit from unified, scalable and mobile communications. It’s everything a business needs to future-proof the operation through mobility, team collaboration, video conferencing and exceptional customer service.

Key Benefits of MiVoice Business

Platform for Success

MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of businesses, nurture profitable customer relationships and improve customer service scores. From secure teleworking to simplified teamwork solutions, Mitel’s integrated UC suite of business applications has you covered.


MiVoice Business delivers an end-to-end UC solution that will still be fully-functional in a decade’s time.

Easy Management

Web-Based Management ensures administrators can deploy and maintain MiVoice Business from anywhere using their web browser.

Flexible Deployment

Mitel Collaboration Service Appliances can also be installed on industry standard x-86 servers, removing the need to support multiple appliances.

Whether your business objectives are to grow your business through digital transformation, lower total cost of ownership, deploy Unified Communications with ease, support and manage distributed teams and offices, improve team collaboration through mobile accessibility, or to fully embrace the cloud with either a hybrid or total cloud business set of solutions – Unicomm can implement, support and maintain all the solutions your business needs.

MiCloud Connect

MiCloud Connect is a simple cloud communications, collaboration and contact centre phone system; ideal for SMEs adapting to the current climate.

The modern user interface includes single-click functionality and a seamless experience across devices, making it easier for users and admins to get their work done. All while Google Cloud’s proven platform makes MiCloud Connect reliable, simple to work with and secure to use. The admin portal makes it easy to add functionality and upgrade permissions in real-time too.

MiCloud Connect Key Features


Advanced call controls and softphones, as well as the option for IP desk phones, ensures your team will be able to talk and meet from anywhere.


Bring teams together with a unified user experience that includes messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and more. Users can stay connected wherever they may be with web, mobile and desktop applications.

Contact Centre

Choose MiCloud Connect CX or MiCloud Connect Contact Centre for integrated call centre services that include wallboards, IVRs and in-depth reporting capabilities.

If you feel Unicomm has the right approach to help implement and manage your telecom requirements then contact us by phone on (020) 7147 7000, email or complete our Contact Us form here.

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