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Mitel Unified Communications and Collaboration

Whether you’re running a small operation with basic needs, or a larger enterprise requiring a fully hosted, feature-rich contact solution, Unicomm and Mitel have you covered.

What is Unified Communications?

The ways in which businesses communicate is changing. From voice to video, chat bots to instant messaging, the number of methods of communication is increasing. And, with the 2025 ISDN Switch Off fast approaching, businesses will need an internet based solution or risk going silent.

Plus, the challenges that 2020 has brought have proven the benefits of a Unified Communications solution. Not only helping businesses stay agile while staff work from home, but simultaneously reducing costs and optimising customer services too.

Mitel is an industry leader in unified communications (UC) solutions, and the first to reach 5 million hosted seats worldwide. Which is exactly why we offer their entire range of telephony solutions, both cloud-based and on-premise, to our customers.

Plus, choosing Unicomm means having clear expectations and timelines every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition.

MiVoice Business On-Site Phone System

In today’s world, businesses need to build and maintain customer relationships, and enable colleagues to collaborate, in a timely and professional manner. Not only to ensure the best service to callers, but to maximise the productivity of the team and resources.

For operations that require an on-site phone system, MiVoice Business enables employees to instantly benefit from unified, scalable and mobile communications. It’s everything a business needs to future-proof the operation through mobility, team collaboration, video conferencing and exceptional customer service.

Key Benefits of MiVoice Business

Platform for Success

MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of businesses, nurture profitable customer relationships and improve customer service scores. From secure teleworking to simplified teamwork solutions, Mitel’s integrated UC suite of business applications has you covered.

Enhanced Mobility

With MiVoice Business, employees can access to the same communications services from anywhere with a single phone number across all devices. This enables staff to work just as effectively from home or on-the-go, as they would in the office.

Hot Desking allows employees to log into any Mitel MiVoice IP Phone in any of your offices, or even at home. Meaning staff can remain productive and contactable by routing their calls to whatever device they are logged in to.

Future-proof Communication

An on-site platform suitable for single-site and multi-site networks requiring five lines or more. MiVoice Business delivers an integrated, end-to-end UC solution that will still be fully functional in a decade’s time.

High-quality audio, web, and video conferencing provides access to vital collaboration tools while workforces are working from home. Or make the switch far easier if you decide to adopt a flexible working strategy in the future.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging enables your employees to respond faster to clients and colleagues through single message storage and access.

Easy Management

Mitel’s web-based management portal ensures administrators can deploy and maintain MiVoice Business from anywhere using their web browser.

Flexible Deployment

Mitel Collaboration Service Appliances can also be installed on industry standard x-86 servers, removing the need to support multiple appliances.

MiVoice Business Features

  • Single enterprise identity
  • Dynamic extensions
  • Single number reach
  • Hot desking
  • Teleworker availability
  • Flexible deployment
  • Auto attendant support
  • Day and night modes
  • Call routing
  • Unified messaging
  • Flexible music on hold
  • Enhanced call screening
  • Embedded meet me conferencing

Provide better support and management of distributed teams and offices, improve team collaboration through mobile enablement. Unicomm’s team of experienced engineers and technicians will implement, support and maintain all the solutions your business needs.

Whether your business objectives are to grow your business through digital transformation or simply lower the total cost of ownership, Unicomm helps you deploy Unified Communications with ease.

If you feel Unicomm has the right approach to help implement and manage your telecom requirements then contact us by phone on (020) 7147 7000, email or complete our Contact Us form here.

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