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Why Choose Mitel MiVoice Business to Evolve your Communication?

The effects of 2020 will resonate long into the decade and the necessity for businesses to implement robust remote working strategies has never been more important. But with so many different solutions available, what makes MiVoice Business such a popular solution?

MiVoice Business is at the heart of Mitel’s leading on-site communication solution (comprising of MiVoice Business, MiCollab, MiTeam Meetings & MiContact Center Business), enabling your employees to instantly benefit from a unified, scalable and mobile communication solution.

It’s everything your business needs to take its communications to the next level; evolving your mobility, team collaboration, instant messaging and video conferencing for an exceptional customer experience.

Key Features of Mitel MiVoice Business

Designed for success

Mitel MiVoice Business is designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses alike, from 5 to 130,000 users, in a single site or a multi-site network that spans multiple sites.

Evolve your customer experience

Mitel MiVoice Business provides a solid platform to develop better customer relationships by phone, instant messaging, chat and email.

Computer compatible

Mitel MiVoice Business not only includes support for desktop phones and attendant consoles, but can be installed on computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles (otherwise known as softphones).

Flexible Deployment

Mitel MiVoice Business can be installed on industry-standard x-86 servers in a virtualized environment, meaning it’s compatible with your existing hardware, or you can base your telephony in the cloud to remove the need for expensive on-site hardware.

Fully Integrated UC Suite

Mitel MiVoice Business has you covered, from secure teleworking and simplified teamwork solutions to multi-national rollouts across the globe, with deep analytics and line management.

Easy-to-Manage Platform

Web-Based Management ensures administrators can deploy a multi-platform Mitel MiVoice Business solution from their web browser as if it was a single platform solution.

Why switch now?

With e-commerce and cloud based communication solutions becoming even more popular over the last year, now is the time to invest in your customer interactions and ensure prospects and customers have a quick and reliable method of reaching your team, whether they are in the office, working from home or on the go.

Plus, the 2025 ISDN ‘Switch Off’ will mean that businesses need to source an IP voice solution, that routes your calls through your internet connection, rather than the existing landline network that will be deactivated in a few years’ time.

Switching now ensures your team have the tools they need right now, but also gives you plenty of time to get used to the platform and create the right processes workflows to ensure no calls go unanswered.

Plus, it’s a solid differentiating factor, when you compare your business to your competition. No matter your industry, customer service is a significant factor in repeat purchasing. After all, 73% of customers fall in love with a brand and remain loyal because of friendly customer service reps. And by giving your team the tools they need to communicate seamlessly, they can focus on providing an exceptional experience, instead of worrying about the systems they use.

Key Advantages for Businesses Deploying Unified Communications:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased agility
  • Reduction/removal of traditional office desk phones and PBX equipment
  • Efficient collaboration and communication
  • Increased security
  • More control over provisioning and line management
  • A more seamless customer and employee experience
  • Support for instant messaging, group messaging
  • On the go mobile and workforce video conferencing

If you would like more information on MiVoice Business, telephone us on (020) 7147 7000, or email us at

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