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How Mitel MiCloud Flex enables better business communications

Thriving businesses maximise opportunities for teamwork. That can only happen with the right tools in place for better business communications.

When employees collaborate, good things happen – especially with business communications. Pooling strengths, creativity and motivation is a sure-fire way to come up with the sorts of ideas and solutions that drive businesses forward.

Or to put it another way, we all know that two heads are better than one. Now imagine what 10 heads might achieve when they all work together.

Having said that, encouraging people to work together is not always as easy as it sounds. Some individuals might not be naturally collaborative, preferring to work alone. Strong personalities can easily dominate meetings, ensuring their ideas dominate the decisions that become practice. Also, departments can become siloed, meaning that people from different parts of an organisation who should be talking to each other often aren’t.

In addition, working practices are changing, and faster than ever thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Teams might not physically sit together anymore, or at least not very often. Remote working, outsourcing and hotdesking are undermining the kind of informal watercooler moments that sometimes inspire great ideas.

And yet productive teamwork remains a crucial ingredient in company success. Over 85% of employees at organisations in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For said that, in their workplaces, you could always count on colleagues to cooperate. In other words, successful organisations prioritise effective collaboration and create the environment and culture that allows teamwork to thrive.

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The tools of teamwork

So, how do you instil a culture of collaboration? The changing nature of work means the foundations upon which effective collaboration strategies occur are increasingly digital. In essence, teamwork is about real-time communication and less about phone systems and written communication. If you want your teams to work together, you have to give them the reliable and secure tools they need to contact each other in the way that is most appropriate for any given situation.

Yes, they still need to be able to call and email, of course. But, to ensure all voices take effect, your employees must be able to text, instant message and video conference. They should be able to seamlessly switch between the types of business communication channels. For example, firing off a group instant message during a video meeting to add context to a point being made. They need to be able to smoothly share documents so that the ‘hive mind’ of the team can help them iron out issues or suggest improvements.

People work differently, so these tools need to be available everywhere, and accessible on any device. After all, sometimes the best ideas happen at home, or on the train, or after a meeting with a client.

A culture of business communications collaboration

When staff work together regularly, it becomes part of the culture of your organisation. Make it easy for staff to chat, message or video call, and they will develop the bonds that make internal communications more natural. After a while, asking for advice or sharing an idea becomes the obvious next step, rather than something that requires time, planning and the coordination of busy calendars.

The tools that power this strategy need to be both sophisticated and simple to use. That’s why Unicomm has partnered with Mitel to deliver and support its industry-leading MiCloud Flex business communications system.

MiCloud Flex offers increased efficiency simplicity and mobility via a full suite of communication and collaboration tools that are designed to make teamwork easier, however dispersed the team may be. Because MiCloud Flex lives in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. Everything you need is included – information and voice calls, video calling, text, conferencing and team collaboration tools like document sharing; meaning you don’t need to source separate apps and devices and hope they all work together properly.

MiCloud Flex also fully integrates with the applications you already rely on – like Skype for Business, Salesforce and Google – to create rich unified communications solutions and give staff the information and data they need to collaborate even more effectively.

Don’t forget about the cost savings, too!

Yes, it could even save you money! Mitel’s pay-as-you-grow pricing model means you only ever pay for the capacity you actually use. As a fully managed customer service, it simplifies your digital infrastructure. Moreover, it frees up your own IT staff for more productive and profitable tasks.

At its core, communications and collaboration is a mindset. It takes time and encouragement to nourish, but most of all it takes the kind of tools that allow teamwork to flourish. As the world of work changes, ensuring your teams can work together, wherever they are, is more important than ever.

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