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Banking Case Study

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Solving a tricky networking challenge

Our client is an international bank providing commercial, corporate, private, investment, asset management and retail banking in London to Lebanon and other countries through traditional and digital banking channels. It also offers corporate and trade finance through its offices in London.

The challenge

With an office move imminent, the client decided that it was the perfect time to upgrade all of its IT and telecoms systems, especially considering its current on-premise telephony solution was over a decade old. As well as reliability and functionality, the new solution had to be compatible with other manufacturer systems in the bank’s offices across Europe and the Middle East. A hosted solution from BT had been implemented but failed to integrate with the client’s broader network, causing significant issues and putting the client right back to square one.

The solution

With just six weeks to go before its proposed move, the client contacted Unicomm. They told us about the networking problems the bank had experienced with the BT solution, and the tight deadline. Luckily, we like a challenge.

After taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s situation, we approached Mitel. Solving the network issue was essential, but – given the nature of the client’s business – security was also of the utmost importance, and more so as employees in different countries would be passing information across diverse systems.

Working with Mitel, we provided a hosted solution that securely and efficiently integrated with all the bank’s systems across Europe and the Middle East.

The result

Mitel’s hosted solution not only met networking and security requirements, it also added a new level of resilience to the bank’s communications infrastructure. Mitel’s systems are renowned as some of the most robust on the market. The solution provided all the functionality of a traditional telephony system without the expense and inconvenience of on-premise infrastructure.

Despite the tight timescale, Unicomm designed, implemented and tested the system in time for the bank to move into its new premises on schedule. The handover was seamless, with no disruption to the client’s day-to-day operations. Thanks to Unicomm and Mitel, the client now has a system that will meet its telephony needs long into the future.

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Do you want to read this case study with the client's details included? Click here.